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We make unique pieces for clients LOCAL AND WORLDWIDE

Read below to discover what we do and how we do it.


And the places you want to wear it.  With the events you attend.  With your hopes and visions.

Wool Flannel Slot Seam Jacket

The Immortal Tux

3-2 Roll Sport Jacket

Linen Contrast Vest

Next Comes a Sketch with an Actual Paper and Pen

The "Patch Pocket"

Made in England, Italy or the USA

We use heritage fabric by brands like Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Abraham Moon, Harris Tweeds, Hainsworth, Burlington Raeford, and Woolrich.  Anything from the very most durable military wools to the most luxurious wools with the smoothest hand and most beautiful drape.

Fabric that is still made the way that it ought to be made (often woven by small collectives in Yorkshire or Scotland) from the best materials in the world (generally, the finest merino wool from Australia and New Zealand).

Individualism in Dress

Because your life is too individual for three lapel choices, and three fit choices.

Your suit needs to be as unique as your life.  And we can make as many different styles as there are people in the world.

And that is where a bespoke suit has its meaning.

Don’t let someone convince you, that style is just a matter of picking out a few basic pieces and building a wardrobe.

A bespoke suit is a piece designed to show the world who you really are.

The Vocabulary of Bespoke Menswear

includes thousands of subtle details that you may never have noticed.

Dreaming of Tuxedos

A Hand Painted Illustration of Some of Our Many Tuxedo Styles, Including Decorative Cuffs.

A Manifesto

Once upon a time. . .

Really not so very long ago, but before the age of endless mechanical duplication. . .

Every piece of clothing that a man wore was unique.  Was his alone, and cut to fit his body.

Not only was the shape made to fit his body, but every detail was designed to reflect his past and his future.  His position in society.  What, in fact, made him different than all other men.

Individuality was the rule in men’s dress.

An article of clothing was not something with a brand name that one acquired so that you could associate your existence with a symbol of something greater than your self.

To the contrary, a man’s dress was as unique as his skin and bones.

Perhaps more “him” even than the flesh itself.  As it was a skin that he himself had chosen.

The Muslin Process

Next we cut and sew a cotton prototype of the suit called a “muslin”.  If you are a long distance client, we mail this to you and you send us some photographs like this one, so that we can adjust every detail of the look and fit.

The muslin prototype or trial garment is the essence of what differentiates a truly bespoke fit.  This is how we adjust for your posture, shoulder shape, and the way that your arms hang when you are relaxed.

Fitting a New Shirt Jacket Style

Muslin fitting2

The Sewing Process

Depending on the project and the price point, the pieces can be sewn mostly by machine or almost entirely by hand with nothing more than a needle and a thread.

No assembly line.  Just a handful of craftsmen and women who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of material perfection.

Everything is done here in our studio in Denver—-Nothing is outsourced.

Even our machines are lovingly recreated by hand starting with 1940s and 50s-era machines.

Hand Embroidery

Crowsfoot Hand Embroidery on a Pocket Edge
Crowsfoot Hand Embroidery on a Pocket Edge

Restoring a Machine from 1948

Necchi Sewing Machine Head
Necchi Sewing Machine Head

In the End, You Just Send Us a Message with a Few Words about What You Want.

And then we sketch it, and discuss many possible designs.  Then we send you fabric options.

Have you take a few simple measurements at home.  Mail you a muslin.  Discuss and correct the fit.

And finally we mail you the finished suit or you drop in to pick it up.

Not as easy a dropping by the shopping mall.  But a bit more satisfying.

And we promise that you won’t end up looking like everyone else.

The Art of the Custom Tailcoat

Every good design, no matter how minimal, contains a grain of fantasy. It clips the thread of reality, allowing the balloon to soar. It opens up a new vista, unexpectedly, like a vibrant sunset revealed by a break in the dull architecture that surrounds us.

The Legend of the Embroidered Suit

Most of the embroidered suits we make are embroidered entirely by hand, with 60 hours of chain and blanketstitch embroidery and hundreds of Swarovski crystals.  The result is that our pieces look and feel incredibly natural in comparison to pieces embroidered by machine.

The Meaning of Bespoke Handwork

There is nothing harder than trying to describe true bespoke clothing to a perspective client today.

The market is saturated with factory made goods that are somewhat customizable in color and fit, but have nothing to do with the art of tailoring.

Shocking Silk Tuxedos

We are famous for being the only tailoring house in the United States to make suits in radically interesting fabrics.

Sure your average made-to-measure house might have a couple bolder choices in their collections.  But floral prints, iridescent silks?  Not so much.

Bespoke Tweed Suits

When it comes to wool fabrics, no type of fabric represents menswear heritage like tweed:

Classic weaves like herringbones, and houndstooth.  Flecked Irish Donegal yarns with so many colors.  Estate plaids and hunting thornproof.

These fabrics are part of an ancient tradition that dates back over 2,000 years in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Legendary Vegan Suits

The traditional heritage tailored suit is almost entirely made from animal products—-from the wool of the main fabric to the silk thread and detailing.  The buttons are made from buffalo horn or shell and the interior canvas is made from goat hair.