The Legend of the Embroidered Suit

We love England and Italy—-countries that have contributed so much to the history of tailoring.

But it has always been clear, when one looks at our pieces, that we are working in a distinctly American idiom.

More Hollywood than Milan.  More Ivy League than Oxford.  We are as likely to draw inspiration from historical photos of Butch Cassidy, Bela Lugosi, and Ike Eisenhower as we are photos of the Prince of Wales and British dandies.

And nowhere is this more clear than in our Rodeo suits which come out of the tradition that reaches back through the Wild West shows of the 19th century to the singing cowboys of the early 20th century and on through such designers as Nathan Turk, Nudie, and Manuel.

Most of the embroidered suits we make are embroidered entirely by hand, with 60 hours of chain and blanketstitch embroidery and hundreds of Swarovski crystals.  The result is that our pieces look and feel incredibly natural in comparison to pieces embroidered by machine.

The white jacket is a variation on this theme with hand-embroidery supplemented with applique and flocked images.

We make these suits for award shows and music performances and even for weddings—–when the bride doesn’t mind a bit of stiff competition.

Like all of our pieces, each one is custom.  But here the custom process takes on a different aspect as each client chooses the distinct images for his suit.

The royal purple suit, made for an actor to wear to the Logies and featured in GQ Australia, has Australian Rock Lobsters (with no pincers) and Betty Cuthbert roses.  Other pieces feature distinct Western wildflowers, prickly pear pads and wildlife chosen by the clients for personal reasons.

Each suit is made from incredible wool gabardines, tweeds, and baratheas.  Often the very same fabrics from the same mills as historical pieces made for the likes of Gene Autry and Johnny Cash.

And like all of our pieces, everything is done entirely in-house in our studio here in Denver, Colorado.

But we make suits for clients in every part of the world.  So no matter where you are located, we can make a suit for you.

Just DROP US A LINE and we can start working on some sketches for your custom piece.

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