Bespoke Tweed Suits

When it comes to wool fabrics, no type of fabric represents menswear heritage like tweed:

Classic weaves like herringbones, and houndstooth.  Flecked Irish Donegal yarns with so many colors.  Estate plaids and hunting thornproof.

These fabrics are part of an ancient tradition that dates back over 2,000 years in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

And we carry the finest of these tweeds, many of which are woven by small collectives in Yorkshire and some, like our Harris Tweed collections, that are handwoven by individual weavers who work out of their homes.

Our English, Irish, and Scottish tweeds can be woven in coarse fibers like traditional British shetland wool or in ultra soft merino lambswool.  We can even offer a large range of tweeds in fibers like cashmere and angora.

We have often blogged about and posted pictures of our tweed outerwear pieces.  But in some ways our fully bespoke, muslin fit, tweed suits are even more special and unique.

Most suits today are made from a worsted yarn—a highly twisted and dense yarn that produces smooth and durable fabrics.

A tweed fabric on the other hand, is made from a loftier, less twisted yarn, that produces a thicker and more textured fabric than a worsted yarn.  The result is a fabric that is beautifully and complexly textured, highly wrinkle resistant, and only looks better with wear.

A suit made from tweed—-or something like a peak lapel sport coat—-when it is properly tailored and minimally structured is a  bespoke suit that can be worn constantly without worry about weather or wear.

The suits pictured here show some of the ways in which we can play with color and texture with a tweed suit.

English Woven Herringbone Tweed

The denim blue of the herringbone suit has brown undertones.  So we made the vest from a brown and did the same with the jacket pipings.  The crowsfoot hand-tacks are made in a similar color of silk thread.

The cuff detailing, with our signature swoosh shape, looks subtle and dimensional in the tweed, with the pattern of the fabric concealing the detail and the loftiness making it stand out.

With the brown suit,—-made for a client who was a fan of Indiana Jones,—-features a front Prince Albert watch chain that we made from a chocolate color suede.

Leather detailing can be a wonderful compliment to the tweeds.

Every suit that we make is designed for an individual client and is made one-at-a-time here in our studio in Denver, Colorado.

So if you are looking for a tweed suit, drop us a line and we can discuss how you will wear the suit and the textures, cuts, and colors that will give you the look you want.

We start by sketching the suit.  And then mail you fabric samples and cotton prototypes (called “muslins”)—and you send us your thoughts along with digital pics of yourself trying the mock-ups on, so that we can get learn just what you like and what looks good on your body.

The result is a suit that is made for your life.

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