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Machete & Sons Tailoring–aka Denver Bespoke–was launched in 2009 by designers A.J. Machete and Lianna K and has since grown into the most unique bespoke tailoring company in the US.
Working out of Denver, Colorado, we produce high-quality, custom-fit menswear at a price that is close to that of designer ready-to-wear suits.  Every piece is made completely in-house and one-at-a-time based on a custom pattern that we draft for you.
What sets our suits apart is our sophisticated design sense and our muslin fittings, which guarantee a superior fit to any ready made suit or “custom fit” suit purchased off of the internet.  We start each project with a pencil and pen, literally sketching a unique design for you and then drafting a unique pattern for your body type.
Concerning our design sense, Lianna spent nearly 10 years designing at all levels and price points in the NYC fashion industry, including high end couture and a brand for Liz Claiborne.
A.J. turned to fashion and tailoring after an existential crisis while completing his Master’s degree from Harvard. His philosophical studies led him to the conclusion that the meaning of life lay in the temporal and material, and that perfection could best be found in the perfect dress shirt or style of lapel.  His work is also informed by fine art sculpture which he studied at the Pratt Institute.
Each of us are masters of history and historical fashions. Our suits are not just simple works of craft, but hold within them the methods and ideals of many ages. Here the Victorian, there the Edwardian. A dash of the 1960s and the 1930s. A tux that combines the best of the 1860s with contemporary LA style.
Each piece that we make is truly one of a kind and designed and tailored to fit the body and mind of the client.


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This is fun
We are proud

February 08 , 2010, 6:18 pm -
Bonnie McLeod Carmichael

Hi I love your website and I would like to come and visit your studio sometime. Please put me on your mailing list if you are having an open house any time.-Bonnie

December 13 , 2010, 11:37 am -

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