Legendary Vegan Suits

A growing number of our clients are looking for a suit that is made without any animal products.

Heathered Sharkskin Polyester Suit

The traditional heritage tailored suit is almost entirely made from animal products—-from the wool of the main fabric to the silk thread and detailing.  The buttons are made from buffalo horn or shell and the interior canvas is made from goat hair.

Amazing Hand Detailing in a Vegan Friendly Thread

To find a well-made suit that is made from vegan friendly materials is almost impossible.

And if you can find a vegan friendly suit, the styles are likely to be much more limited than what you would find if you were looking for a wool suit.

But we can do pretty much anything—-and can get the widest range of cloth imaginable.

One of our favorite fabrics comes from a mill that weaves 2-ply polyester fabrics into fabrics that have the ability to hold a perfect crease along with a wrinkle resistance that you would tend to associate with classic woolens.

These fabrics come in 50 different colors and weaves including sharkskin, herringbone, and pinstripe and are perfect for business and formalwear.

Checked Cotton Suit

Other recent additions to our vegan friendly suiting collections include the fabrics pictured in the featured image above.  These are cottons, but the cotton is spun into a fine worsted yarn that is then woven and finished using the “worsted wool” weave and method.

The result is a collection of gabardines and other fabrics that have the sheen, hand, and much of the wrinkle resistance and drape of a wool—-but without any synthetic fibers or animal products.

Over the last 8 years of offering vegan friendly attire, we have become more and more confident in being able to say that we can offer vegan-friendly men’s suits that are just as amazing and luxurious as woolen options and with almost as much of a fabric selection.

When we make these suits, we use every bit of the care and attention that goes into our traditional heritage suits,—-the non-traditional materials only make for a piece that is more unique and more in line with your values.

So if you are a potential client who is looking for a piece, just drop us a line and we can discuss options, do some sketches, and mail you some potential fabrics.

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