Shocking Silk Tuxedos

We are famous for being the only tailoring house in the United States to make suits in radically interesting fabrics.

Sure your average made-to-measure house might have a couple bolder choices in their collections.  But floral prints, iridescent silks?  Not so much.Iridescent Blue Tuxedo

We carry all of the best fabrics that made to measure houses carry plus 10s of thousands of additional options.  And if you want something that we can’t find, chances are, we can design the fabric and have it made just for your suit.

We can offer these choices because everything we make is created in house, right here in Denver, Colorado, even as we make pieces for clients across the world.

When other shops claim that they offer “bespoke” suits, they are merely basking in the halo of eras when genuine tailors made clothing for individual clients while, what they offer in reality is the product of automatic patternmaking and machine cutting.

So when you see an incredible suit on stage at a rock or rap performance, in a musical or opera, or at awards show there is a good chance that we made it.

The pieces pictured are made from handwoven silks that are covered with velvet flocking.

The Tree of Life design was something that we entirely designed and created in our workshop.

It is loosely inspired by the late 19th century arts and crafts design of William Morris, and by the heavy relief work of Romanesque wood carving.  We wanted to create a design that was almost religious in its presentation.

DENVER, CO – MARCH 18: Machete & Sons Show during Denver Fashion Week at Wings Over the Rockies on March 18, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell)

The jacket itself is cut with a highly “waisted” silhouette, peak lapels, and a pointed back collar.

The cuff style is a variation on the 18th century “fisherman’s” cuff, and the pockets are sharp welts.

The pants of the blue tux feature a flocked tuxedo stripe and are our ultra slim “rocker” fit, that is perfect for wear on stage.

The white tux features a black shadow stripe pant in our “jean fit” style, with a blue anodized wallet chain.

Sometimes, we confess, clients are confused to see incredible pieces like these next to the business suits in our collections and don’t know how to take them.

But if a piece like this would look out of place in an office park, so too would a business suit look out of place on a tropical dance floor or on stage.

And this is the essence of what bespoke clothing is about.

Having a piece designed and made just for you and for the events and activities of your life.

Each year, we make suits for clients in every part of the world.

Our long distance “muslin fitting” technique guarantees that we get the fit and style perfect. (Basically, we mail you a cotton prototype garment and you send digital pics).

So if your life turns out to be more interesting that the suits that are available in your area, drop us a line and we will make something just for you.


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