The Art of the Custom Tailcoat

Every good design, no matter how minimal, contains a grain of fantasy.

It clips the thread of reality, allowing the balloon to soar.

It opens up a new vista, unexpectedly, like a vibrant sunset revealed by a break in the dull architecture that surrounds us.

But something that remains a mere fantasy—so that when the theater lights come up, it vanishes—is not much of a design at all.

Instead, when one blinks, the good design resolves itself into something concrete.  The design that overcomes reality occupying a space indelibly and changing the meaning of all that surrounds it.

The fantasy becomes life, one awakens into the dream.

And so it is with our tailcoats—-some made for rockers—and many for weddings, but all involving a step outside of the mundane.

The pics show three recent pieces:

A truly classic 1920s style white tie look.  This look was partially inspired by the original Dracula film, hence the name, the Bela Suit.

The coat is English wool barathea with silk lapels and a wool/silk sateen for the vest and bowtie.

A high collar Edwardian style wing collar shirt completes the look.

The next piece is made from luxurious red velvet with a tab closure and gold chains that wrap around the front of the coat.

And finally a mohair boucle coat, cut in a style that is a hybrid of the daytime swallowtail and the evening tailcoat.  The piece features an action back and multiple detachable fur collars.

Each piece that we make is completely custom and made right here in Denver, Colorado.

You tell us about your events and sense of style and we design something just for you.  Every year we work with clients all around the world using our distinct design and muslin fitting process.

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