Custom-Tailored Silk Suits

Silk Herringbone Tweed Suit

Most suits are made from wool.  And for a good reason.

Wool is wonderfully durable, crisp, wrinkle-resistant.

It can be felted to become weather resistant, brushed to hold in heat, or given an open weave to breathe and wick in the heat.

We love wool, but sometimes we want a bit of novelty and one of the places we turn is to silk.

Just as some people mistakenly identify wool only with itchy and bulky hand-knit sweaters, silk is often pictured only as a light and shimmering satin.

But silk textures can differ completely depending on how the silk is processed and the fabric woven.

The pics show a couple of our most recent silk suits.

The tan and slate blue herringbone suit was made for a recent wedding on the coast of Scotland.

We designed the suit with classic seaside suit details with a hint in the top-stitched pocket style of a 1930s sport jacket.

But like all of our pieces we strove for a look that would feel timely.

The fabric for this suit is a thick silk tweed.

It is utterly dry to the hand and without luster.  In this state, silk serves as a kind of warm season tweed.

Unlike a wool tweed which is much more of a fall/winter fabric that insulates, a silk tweed breathes beautifully.

The cobalt suit is closer to what most people think of when they think of silk.

It has lustre.  It shines.  The fabric is a silk duppioni.

The word duppioni comes from the Italian for “two pods” and the unique texture of the duppioni lies in the fact that it has many irregularities or “slubs” that are formed in the places where two silk worm pods were woven touching each other.

This fabric is particularly interesting in that the weave is iridescent with both blue and purple yarn.  This gives the fabric extra depth.

Of course, a silk duppioni suit is not a work suit.  Traditionally a duppioni suit would be worn in the tropics or on a cruise.

We made this suit for a wedding in Arizona where bright saturated colors look amazing in the sun.

But a silk duppioni suit like this, especially one with an iridescent tonic weave, is a great suit for the summer nightlife in any city.

If you have a unique suit in mind, we can make it.

Contact A.J. ( to get started working on a custom piece.

All of our suits are muslin fit—we make a cotton prototype of the suit to fit on you before we even touch the fabric.  You send us digital pics of yourself wearing it, and we can customize the pattern to look great on you.

The pictures of the wedding in Scotland are by Red Row Studio ( so if you are getting married in Scotland or want to buy some fine art prints, check out the wonderful work.

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