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Custom Tailcoats for Weddings and Events

We make custom tailcoats. Classic 1930s, Edwardian, Steampunk, a bit retro, a bit modern. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will start sketching and putting fabrics together. Our complete suits are muslin fit.


Custom Hats–Handmade Fedoras and Top Hats

Hats are more in style than they have been since the 1950s. But that doesn’t mean that you can find an awesome looking hat at the mall shop. As any Hollywood costume designer knows, a hat is the ultimate way of expressing character. A sharp clean hat makes for an uptight impression. Sculpt the hat […]


Steampunk Wedding Attire

The Victorian era was an age of excitement, experimentation, science, and progress. Everything seemed possible and imminent.   The material world was like a door about to be unlocked.  The mind was a mystery that science could pry into. We love to make steampunk clothing because it represents this moment and uncovers the analogies between […]


Custom Trilby and Fedora Hats

Our hat obsession has been heating up lately. So these are likely the first of many hat styles that you will see on here as samples of our custom work. (Silk top hats will be next)! The beauty part of having us make a hat for you is that we can use the exact same […]

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