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Torchwood RAF Greatcoat Captain Jack Harkness

Custom Camelhair Coat ala “Captain Jack Harkness”

Captain Jack Harkness Coat
There are lots of great winter coats in the stores.  But what we offer is something a bit different.
You dream up the perfect coat, and we will work with you to craft the perfect style and pattern.
One customer for whom we made a coat recently wanted a early-to-mid century style RAF greatcoat like the one that Captain Jack Harkness wears in the television show, Torchwood.  But he also wanted it made from a couture fabric, so that it felt and looked a bit decadent.
Sherlock BBC coat in black

A Combination Frock and Trenchcoat similar to the one in the BBC series Sherlock

We found the perfect 100 percent camelhair fabric to make the coat from.  It is a very dark charcoal with subtle heathering.  He also wanted a vintage look metal buttons, and red chevrons embroidered on the epaulettes of the coat.
Another customer wrote us early this season with a request that we make him a coat somewhat like the coat that Sherlock Holmes wears in the BBC series “Sherlock.”  The coat in question has a full skirt, a Victorian frock style back with a decorative belt, and a modern front with flap patch pockets.  We made a similar coat for him from a black wool melton fabric.
A Tweed Peak-Lapel Overcoat
A third customer was also interested in a “Sherlock” style coat, but decided on a more simplified back with a single box pleat and peak lapels in the front.  We made this coat from an Irish donegal tweed.
We specialize in rather bold looks and are one of the few shops in the world that can create any style in any size.  Let us a bit about what you want and we will send you sketches, designing the perfect coat for your sensibility.
Contact A.J. for more information and to get started designing a custom coat of your own:

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