Vests for Weddings, Business, and Pleasure

Photo by Laura B. Kozlowski

We make some of the most unique vests that can be found anywhere. And here are some of our latest pieces, made for weddings.

Dozens of different collars to choose from, hundreds of fabrics.
Get a vest with four buttons, or five buttons, or six buttons. A double-breasted vest with fourteen buttons.
We can make vests with hacking pockets, flap pockets, welt pockets, jetted pockets.
The best way to order a vest from us is to drop us a line and tell us a bit about the style and the occasion.
Once we know whether you are an architect with a interest in modernism and all things clean and chic, a professor with a taste for tweed and a need for pockets for pipe and tobacco, or a steampunk performer, we can begin to suggest some ideas and offer suggestions by way of pictures and sketches.

Photo by Sarah Rimel

Waistcoats haven’t been this popular in decades, especially for weddings. And we would love to design a completely new style just for you.
Check out our Pricing page to get an idea of the pricing and options for custom vests or contact us with your custom ideas for an exact quote.

Write to get started on a custom waistcoat.

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