Getting Married in Tails

We are one of the few makers of bespoke tailcoats in the world.
With tailcoats such as these, made for weddings, we send the customers muslin mock-up of the tailcoats, vests, and pants in advance.
And only then, after we have feedback and pictures, do we make the final patterns and cut the fabrics.
We made each of these ensembles.
One from tropical wool and one from linen.
One with a blue and tan brocade vest and one from a paisley silk. In the outfit shown with the top hat, we made the shirt as well, with a three inch high standup collar.
Each of the photographers is amazing, so be sure to check out their websites if you are getting married in the Seattle area or in Bermuda.
Check out our pricing page to see the options for tailcoats and 2pc and 3pc suits featuring custom tails.
We can make tails and vest in any style imaginable and can get almost any type and color of fabric out there.
Contact A.J. ( to get started designing something for your wedding.

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