SciFi Wedding Attire

Space Tuxedo
Introducing the Space Tuxedo. . . .
Cut from linen with a silk cravat and leather vest, this is what your great great great grandson will wear should he get married on an agricultural planet in the year 2240.
The sleeveless jacket has quilted padding on the front for operating nuclear tractors or firing a long range sonic stun gun.
The fall front pants and regency collar offer a memory of bygone formal wear on a half-forgotten earth.
Form the BackWe can make attire for the weddings on any planet you can dream of, for any amount of gravity, with any number of appendages.
Contact A.J. with your ideas for a custom wedding outfit (or custom outfit of any type) and he will get back to you quickly with a quote.
We can send sketches and fabric swatches as we figure out the perfect design for you.
Complicated pieces are muslin fit (we send you a cotton mock-up of the garment for feedback guaranteeing the perfect fit and look).
Whatever you desire, designed and handmade for you.



Dear Sirs,

Thank you so much for the spectacular wedding attire, with the finest four dimensional stitching available in this or any other ‘verse. Our world of Omicrone-Theta IV has not been the same since the atomic tractor went supercritical and took out half the village. Perhaps I should not have dabbled to far in the genegineering to create those 2 meter potatoes. Well, I can always look back at these pictures and remember a time of grace and civility.

Kindest Regards,

Duke & Duchess R3ind33r-P3nis

August 31 , 2010, 7:25 am -

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