The Man in the Fur Collar Coat

Fashions change.

But what is good changes much more slowly.  So long as we have weight and wish to travel on the ground, a round wheel will be the finest.

And so long as the weather gets cold, will anything surpass wool and sheepskin for keeping us warm? Or is it the case that what was true for ancient humanity is no longer true for us?  Has the animal hide been supplanted by the wizardry of invention?

It is possible, of course, to make a warm fabric with modern technology—-beginning with petroleum and passing this through a dozen factories.  But will polar fleece or polyester ever be as beautiful and stand up to 20 or 30 years of constant wear?

Or will it always be destined to find its way to the recycling plant or landfill shortly after being made?

A colossal machine produces colossal waste.  The navy greatcoat coat is inspired by the fur shell coats of the Edwardian period and made from the same melton wools that soldiers have worn for centuries.  The collar is Persian lamb and the liner is luxurious sheared beaver.

To touch it is to understand at once the wisdom of the caveman (albeit in its most refined form).

The second coat is a hunting/outdoor jacket that we made for a client from Scottish Black Watch tartan with 25oz melton wool as a liner. The fur is from a wild otter provided by the client. A piece like this will last virtually forever, and its beauty will guarantee that we are glad to have it around that long.

Each coat that we make is entirely custom.  You tell us what you want and we start sketching.

We make all of our clothes in our studio in Denver, Colorado and, using our unique muslin fitting method, make pieces for clients all around the world.

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