The Custom Horsehide Jacket

A tougher, thinner, denser sort of leather.

Mid-century leather jackets, including the original motorcycle jackets, were as often made from horsehide as cow, goat, lamb and other leathers.

Horsehide has the advantage of being incredibly tough and dense.  Many horsehide jackets from the 1930s are still being worn today (unlike sheep or goat leather pieces which have long since become brittle).

Lined, not in a satin, but in a wool, alpaca, or cotton, such jackets are nearly indestructible.

Working with leathers tanned by Horween of Chicago, our horsehide jackets harken back to a better age of fashion when menswear was not merely about looking good for a season, but about having a piece that one could work in for a lifetime.

The pictures show two of our most recent horsehide jackets.

The first, in a deep brown with coppery tones, is made from a pull-up horsehide that distresses with wear to show a lighter colored patina.

The piece is a 1930s style “Barnstormer” jacket with a cathedral back.

The belt is sewn down in back, but in the front, closes with a solid brass buckle and is detachable.  Patch pockets with pointed flaps give the piece a retro look and plenty of cargo room.

The next jacket combines the best details from midcentury Amercian motorcycle jackets:

The asymmetrical closure, the zipper pockets (here with 1950s style contrast triangles), the corded cuffs and the cathedral back.

But this piece is made with a more hourglass shape, is slightly longer than average, and omits the bottom belt.

Every jacket that we make is completely unique and one-of-a-kind and built around a client’s preferences and desires.

We begin the process by sketching out a piece with the details and in the style you want and then work with you to fine tune the look.

Then we look at thousands of possible leather options to find the ideal weight and texture for what you want.

Motorcycle jackets, over the past century, have developed a full and fascinating language of their own and we can work with you to fine tune the details to express what you want the piece to say, whether you have a punk rock aesthetic or want a piece that recalls the boardtrack racers of the early 20th century.

For the client that is concerned with fine tuning the fit and style as much as possible, we also offer a “muslin fitting service” for these jackets at a slight upcharge.  To do a muslin fitting, we cut and sew a cotton version of the jacket and mail this to you to try on.

Then you send digital pics of yourself wearing the prototype and we discuss how to get the best possible look on you.

Every year we make leather jackets for clients around the world who are looking for a classic piece of American style, a shocking piece for a performance or film, or simply a piece of the highest quality for everyday wear.

So no matter where you are, we would love to work with you.

Just DROP US A LINE and we will get started sketching.

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