Custom Trilby and Fedora Hats

Plaid Snap-Brim TrilbyOur hat obsession has been heating up lately.
So these are likely the first of many hat styles that you will see on here as samples of our custom work.
(Silk top hats will be next)!
The beauty part of having us make a hat for you is that we can use the exact same fabric for the hat that we did for a vest, a jacket, or a pair of pants.
Both of the hats in the pictures were made from wool suiting fabrics that we had left over from projects.

Cavalry Twill Wool Snap-Brim Fedora

The grey is an amazing cavalry twill, and the other hat and pants are made from an ultra soft plaid worsted wool. We can make hats from any type of fabric you would like.

The grey hat in the pics is a soft fabric fedora with a crown that is relatively high in the front and plaid ribbon trimming that flares out at the back.
The plaid hat is a trilby, which is basically a snap brim fedora with a smaller brim, that is structured with buckram and wire for a highly crisp look.
Wool Fedora HatBoth of the pieces are finished with a handmade and hand sewn bias binding around the edge of the brim.

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