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Scabal Jacketing in DenverWe have recently had the privilege of working with several remarkable fabrics from Scabal.

Scabal provides much of the finest English-woven cloth to tailors on Savile Row and around the world.  English cloth is instantly recognizable by its incredible finish and drape.

Because these fabrics are produced in small volumes but in thousands of styles, the look of each fabric can be utterly unique.

At first glance, a fabric might seem traditional, at second glance, the most rare of birds.

The first fabric shows a fresco jacquard weave fabric from the Colibri collection.Scabal English Woven Galaxy Suitng

Denver Bespoke Suiting FabricsThis type of fabric is woven for summer weather with a relatively thick and durable yarn but in a mesh-like weave that stands away from the body and allows fresh air to blow through the fabric, keeping you utterly cool, while also staying wrinkle free.

The next fabric is from the Galaxy collection and is a lightweight super 110’s suiting with a jacquard weave the combines elements of a herringbone and a chalk stripe.

A fabric like this provides everything that a man wants in a business suit: breathability, crispness, wrinkle resistance, durability and beauty.

English cloth can raise the price of a custom suit to some degree, (certainly well beyond the price of made to measure suits from Asia), and whether the higher price is worth it can depend on both the client and the choice of color and weave.

For a plain navy or charcoal suit, we often recommend one of our American woven wool gabardines or some of our fine Italian fabrics.

But for a client that is looking for that perfect combination of a fabric that is distinctive and yet classy, worthy of comment, and yet not flashy, it is impossible to go wrong with a fabric from Scabal.

We always have 10s of thousands of fabrics to choose from.  So wether you are looking for a hard to find color or a remarkable weave, we are sure to have the fabric for you.

All of our suits are made here in our studio in Denver, Colorado.

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