Bespoke Denim Jackets

Custom Indigo Denim Jacket CuffLast summer we had a customer contact us who loved the look of classic Levis denim jackets, but had trouble finding one that fit his figure. Would we make him one? White Denim Jacket Hem
Typically this is the type of project that we would do without a muslin fitting (a $65 charge for a piece like this).
Denim jackets are sold in sizes S-M-L-XL, and most people are not particular about the fit of pieces in this style.
But in this case the fit was the whole point.Black Denim Jacket
Indigo Denim Jacket BackAfter some discussion we decided on bleach white cotton twill for the first piece with silver hardware and blue grey stitching.
He liked the piece and later ordered two more, one in black with silver stitching and gun metal hardware, and one in a pale indigo with brass hardware and classic gold stitching.
Bespoke White Denim Jacket
White Pocket
Once we fit a muslin on you and you send us photos so that we can get a sense of your body type, it is easy for us to make other garments that truly have a custom fit.
For people who, for one reason or another, have trouble fitting off-the-rack clothing, or who want to add their own personal touches, a custom made wardrobe can make all the difference.

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