Linen Summer Suits

We make many of our suits and tailcoats from linen.

To a large degree, this is because we handle so many suits for weddings and for artists and sole proprietors who need a suit that is unique and may not be sitting all day in an air conditioned office.

Linen is the summer fabric par excellence. The fibers themselves (from flax) are extremely absorbent and wick the moisture away from the body keeping you dry and cool. Moreover, the fabric is stiff and has comparatively little drape. This means that it never clings to the body.

If you are going to be getting married in the summer, or if you are going to be about town on business, or having lunch on a Southern veranda, you can’t do better than linen for comfort and style.

We can get linen in every color imaginable, as well as stripes, checks, and plaids.

For those who are worried about the slightly more relaxed and rumpled look of linen, we can also provide linen that is blended with a small amount of rayon or polyester. These blends are often a bit lighter and crisper than 100 percent linen but have all of the same traits.


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