The John Dillinger Suit

The John Dillinger Suit

The John Dillinger Suit

Often when men decide that they want a special occasion suit, a suit that does not have to be very specifically bound by the conventions of their workplace, they turn to the movies for inspiration.Public Enimes Film Poster

This is a suit we designed for a customer who had just seen the movie, Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp, and wanted to see if we couldn’t develop a suit that had a real John Dillinger, Public Enemies feeling to it.
We ended up choosing a style that has a very unique look. The suit has very bold peak lapels, but in a single-breasted style. The trousers have a straight leg and cuff.Public Enemies
This is a suit that would look great with a tommy gun, but can be worn to a formal event or a night out as well.
John Dillnger Vest
The fabric itself is a stunning superfine wool by Zegna. A superfine fabric has a high tread count and is made up of highly twisted long wool fibers making the suiting lightweight and dramatic in its drape.
Some men prefer the more solid and durable feeling of a heavier worsted wool for a suit for work or travel, but for special occasions, a suiting like this is hard to beat. The suiting has an almost liquid feeling to it and catches the light brilliantly.Public Enemies Pants
Just let us know what inspires you and we can begin to develop the perfect style.
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How much does the suit cost if you want the one that looks like John dillenger’s

October 05 , 2010, 2:06 am -

It depends on the fabric and a few other details. You can get a rough idea of the pricing on our “Pricing” page.

December 27 , 2010, 12:07 pm -

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