Wool houndstooth double-breasted suitThis is a houndstooth double-breasted suit lined in grey silk habotai that we completed today for a customer in London.

The suiting is an incredible British woolen that entrances the more one looks at it.
For this piece we put buttonholes on each of the lapels with a boutonnière ribbon on the left side for holding a flower.
As is common with double-breasted pieces, the jacket has peak lapels. In this case, the lapels begin rather high on the body.
This jacket also has functional cuffs, an optional detail that requires more hand-construction on the sleeve, but is convenient for washing one’s hands and (when the last button is left undone) serves as a way of one-upping the other guys in the office by flaunting the added expense and detail.
Houndstooth is one weave of fabric that is at once complicated (there are so many different sizes of houndstooth, so many variations in color of both the ground and the “tooth” itself), subtle (a black and ivory houndstooth can read as solid grey from a distance) and timeless (the right houndstooth displays an attention to detail and dress without calling too much attention to itself or being too “fashionable”).
If you are thinking about a houndstooth suit, contact A.J. (aj@denverbespoke.com) and he can send you pictures and swatches of numerous fabrics in this weave.


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