Space Tuxedo
Introducing the Space Tuxedo. . . .
Cut from linen with a silk cravat and leather vest, this is what your great great great grandson will wear should he get married on an agricultural planet in the year 2240.
The sleeveless jacket has quilted padding on the front for operating nuclear tractors or firing a long range sonic stun gun.
The fall front pants and regency collar offer a memory of bygone formal wear on a half-forgotten earth.
Form the BackWe can make attire for the weddings on any planet you can dream of, for any amount of gravity, with any number of appendages.
Contact A.J. with your ideas for a custom wedding outfit (or custom outfit of any type) and he will get back to you quickly with a quote.
We can send sketches and fabric swatches as we figure out the perfect design for you.
Complicated pieces are muslin fit (we send you a cotton mock-up of the garment for feedback guaranteeing the perfect fit and look).
Whatever you desire, designed and handmade for you.

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This in a linen suit that stands out in the crowd.
Think 007 arriving late for a semi-formal luncheon. . . by parachute.
Blue Linen Herringbone Suit
We made it for a customer in North Carolina for his wedding after searching through hundreds of fabrics and hunting down the best colors of petersham ribbon for the trim.
The fabric itself is a herringbone weave linen/viscose that is great for the heat and the cut is based on our “Mad Ave.” cut with contrast buttons, buttonholes and trim.

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Our suits can be as fun or as serious as a customer chooses (and this suit is both fun and a bit serious).
We specialize in working with customers who want something unique and often less uptight than the standard dress suit.
Contact A.J. ( ) with your ideas for a custom project and we will quote you a price and send swatches and sketches.
Check out our pricing page for our current prices.  We offer consistent and easy to understand pricing for our muslin fit suits (where we send you a mock-up of the suit cut from rough cotton first to guarantee fit).
I have a book of Edwardian patterns from 1907 in which the author refers to the frock coat as “our splendid inheritance from our ancestors”.
Even in that age, the author lamented the modern choice of the less fitted sack coat over the slim-waisted frock.

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Today only British royals seem to wear frock coats on a frequent basis.
But nothing could be more appropriate for a wedding than a cutaway or morning coat like the one pictured.
The morning coat is the daytime equivalent of the dress coat or tailcoat, and cuts away quickly from a tailored front suit jacket to rounded tails. This morning coat is made from linen, lined in cotton, and accompanied by a splendid brocade vest.
We can also, of course, make double-breasted frocks (i.e. “Prince Albert Frocks”) like the one worn by Taffy (the center figure in the etching), as well as frock overcoats like the double-breasted surtout, or the single breasted newmarket. If you can dream up a frock coat, from ultra modern, to classic, to seampunk Victorian, we can make it
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