Vegan Men's Business Suit

For the growing number of vegans buying fine wedding attire and business suits can be difficult.

It can be nearly impossible to find a suit that is made without the use of animal products.
Nearly every part of a traditional suit is made from an animal product.

The buttons are made from horn or shell, the body from wool with a wool melton undercollar and goat hair canvas for inner structure.
Linings and bindings are often made from silk.
Although we do make traditional suits from wools and silks, we have developed a process specifically for vegan customers that eliminates the use of animal products but makes for a suit that has all of the fine qualities of a traditional suit.
We have now made dozens of suits using this method and have had wonderful results.
The pictures that accompany this posting show four recent projects that we made for weddings around the world:
A gray retro look suit made from a rayon blend pinstripe fabric, a cotton vest and pant suit with synthetic moleskin trimmings to replace leather,  and a polyester morning coat for formal wear.
Any of our suits in any style can be made in vegan-friendly versions and we can even make quality custom leather jackets using the best faux leathers.  
We muslin-fit almost all of our suits, which means that we mail you a prototype to try on before we cut the final suit.
This allows us to guarantee a perfect fit even via long distance given that a custom paper pattern has been adjusted exactly for your style and body type.
To get started we sketch ideas for you until we hit upon the perfect suit and mail you swatches of fabrics that you might like.
Contact A.J. to find out more:

All of these suits were featured on the wedding blog RockNRoll Bride.  So definitely check out that site for more pictures of our work.  The photos of the first suit are by John Benevente.  Those of the vest and pant suit by Our Labor of Love.  And those of the morning coat wedding by PhotoPink NYC.

Gatsby Style Seersucker Vest

Seersucker is a wonderful material. Stripes are woven into the fabric and then the fabric is washed. Some of the stripes shrink and some do not, creating a puckered pattern.

Classic Southern Style

Seersucker is generally made from cotton and is the ideal summer fabric that breathes well and is a bit more relaxed.
Wear a seersucker suit for any summer daytime outdoor event. It’s great for work if you are an architect out visiting job sites or if you are a groom getting married in the park.

1930s Style Seersucker Suit

We can craft a seersucker suit in any style. The solid ivory suit is cut in the style of a 70s leisure suit, with 4 shell buttons in the front and ultra-wide lapels.

Seersucker Leisure Suit for a Baja Wedding

The brown and white stripe seersucker suit was cut in a 1930s Southern style, and the black and ivory vest was made for a 1920s Gatsby themed wedding.

A Mauve Seersucker Suit

The solid black jacket, lined in tiffany blue silk crepe, was cut in a slightly retro look, that is nonetheless completely modern and makes for great business casual attire.

Black Seersucker Jacket

Each of our pieces is individually crafted to fit the style of the customer, and prices can vary. A muslin fit 3-pc suit can cost almost as much as our standard hand-tailored suits, while an unstructured casual jacket can cost much less.

A Summer Wedding at a Bike Shop (with the Mauve Suit)

Contact us and we will get started designing a suit, jacket, or vest just for you.
We are a small tailoring shop in Denver, Colorado that has mastered the art of getting a perfect fit for customers around the world.
One of the few custom tailors left in the US.