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Handmade Hawiian ShirtFor someone who makes custom suits for a living, I am a fairly casual guy. When I wear a blazer or suit, it is usually because I have been asked out to dinner, have important business, or it is a special occasion.
Custom Short Sleeve Shirt
But I did make the decision some years back to throw away all of my t-shirts and to cast off the eternal American childhood of cotton jersey knits.
How did I fill the gap? With dozens of buttondown shirts in prints, stripes, and plaids.
For summer this means Hawaiian shirts and lots of them. One can be, I discovered, just as casual and comfortable, but with a bit more style and verve.
The pics in this posting show a couple shirts cut with my favorite Hawiian shirt pattern and coconut shell buttons. Both are cotton, one with a Japanese kingyo print and the other in a hand-dye batik.Kingyo Shirt
When you order a shirt you can choose from literally thousands of prints.
We can select a dozen or so in the color and style that you like and present those to you as options, or we can send you some links to some of the best suppliers of cotton prints and you can browse an immense selection of fabrics.

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