Dr. Who SuitWe made this suit for a woman who was a fan of the Dr. Who television series (the David Tennant version) and loved the suit that the title character wears.
She wanted a suit that was similar, but one that fit her curves.
She wanted a similar fabric, but one without the aqua stripes of the original. We settled on a super 120s wool suiting in chocolate with lighter colored stripes.
Super 120s wool Chocolate brownThe final suit was entirely unique, with all of the flare of the original, but built with enough style and attention to detail that the pieces really stood on their own as a well tailored suit.
The final garments were lined in a burnt orange silk paisley.
We love to design suits to match with your inspirations.
Let us know what you might like and we will sketch up some ideas and send you some fabric swatches.
Contact A.J.: aj@denverbespoke.com

2 Responses to “The Dr. Who Suit”

  1. jocelyn says:

    hi, how much are your suits?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Joycelyn,

    You can check out our pricing page here: http://denverbespoke.com/?page_id=50

    Prices will be right around the estimates given on that page, but sometimes certain details can nudge a price up or down a bit. If you would like to discuss making a custom suit in more detail, please email me: aj@denverbespoke.com

    Thanks much,