Pale Grey Wedding Tailcoat
We make custom tailcoats.
Classic 1930s, Edwardian, Steampunk, a bit retro, a bit modern.

Tophat and tailcoat

Just let us know what you are looking for and we will start sketching and putting fabrics together.
Our complete suits are muslin fit.  Pale Grey Wedding Tailcoat

This means that we mail you a mock-up of the pieces sewn in cotton so that you can try them on before we make the final garments.

You send us a pic of yourself wearing the muslins and we alter the patterns to get just the right fit and look.Tailcoat Wedding Picture

The pics show some of our most recent outfits.

Wedding in Gray TailsThe pictures of the elephant grey tailcoat show a complete outfit that we made.  White Tie Attire

The tailcoat is a classic open front style with silk shantung lapels that add a beautiful sheen to the look.

Classic Retro Wedding TailsThe vest is double-breasted and made from a silk brocade to coordinate with the wedding dress and the hat is a completely handsewn wool and silk buckram and wire frame piece that we made.

Classic White Tie TailcoatEach piece is uniquely designed and individually made-to-measure.
This means that we can design something exactly in your style with all of the right details to match the look you are going for.
Pique Vest TailcoatThe pants are made without a front crease for a slim Victorian look.

Edwardian Tailcoat

The black tailcoats show two different versions of our classic open front tailcoats.
Vintage WeddingOne was made for a 1930s style wedding.
This tailcoat has a pointed hem and wide lapels made from gorgeous silk grosgrain.
It is shown with a handmade backless white cotton pique vest, a bibbed detachable collar white pique shirt, and bowtie.
Chocolate Brown TailcoatThe other black tailcoat has smaller peak lapels, also made from silk grosgrain, and a straight cut hem for a look that is both Edwardian and very modern.
The chocolate brown tailcoat is cut from a wool gabardine with wide grosgrain lapels, also in chocolate, brass buttons, and a silk duppioni lining.Fishtail Pants
The pants are in a Victorian style with a fishtail and back belt.
The grey pinstripe military tailcoat was made for a steampunk wedding.
1790s Military TailcoatIt is cut from a gorgeous wool flannel and shown with a matching Wellington style top hat.
We also made the boy’s vests and pants that are shown in the wedding pictures.Military tails
The navy blue tailcoat (shown with a seersucker vest) shows another version of our popular military tails.
We can do many types of military tailcoats.
So just contact us if you would like to see more ideas in this vein.
The final pics show a black lambskin tailcoat with embossed cuffs and side laces.
Leather TailcoatIf you are thinking about ordering a tailcoat or complete ensemble, just contact us ( so that we can talk about your project and start getting together fabrics to mail to you.
If you aren’t sure quite which details you like, just tell us a bit about yourself and the events that you will attend and we will start sketching.

Steampunk Tailcoats

Be sure to check out the websites of the amazing photographers who took the photos above!  For more pics of the elephant gray suit, check out Old South Photography here.  For pics of the amazing white tie wedding, check out David Tero Photography here.  For pics of the tailcoat in brown with aqua silk details, check out Joyeuse Photograpy here.

Wool Fedora Hat

Hats are more in style than they have been since the 1950s.
But that doesn’t mean that you can find an awesome looking hat at the mall shop.
As any Hollywood costume designer knows, a hat is the ultimate way of expressing character.
A sharp clean hat makes for an uptight impression.

1910 style fedora hat burgundy

Sculpt the hat with some deeper creases and dent the front of the crown, and suddenly it looks like the hat of a weatherworn detective or dogged investigative journalist.
You can do anything with a hat—-more than anything it is a piece of sculpture that is designed to express at a glance.
green rabbit fur fedoraMany hats are nothing more than a piece of twisted, stretched, and shaped rabbit fur felt with a bit of ribbon and this or that tacked on to it.
But the impression that one makes is instantaneous and greater than can be achieved with any other piece of clothing.
It is human nature that our eyes immediately scan the faces of each person in any scene, and if one sees a pair of eyes peering out of under a snap-brim fedora, so much the better.Green 1930s Fedora
But virtually all hats on the market today are mass produced to the lowest common denominator.
If anything, they express simply that one is a hipster or a yuppie, rather than anything deeper or more individual.  Each hat is mass-produced on the same model.
But we individually sculpt each hat to match the character of the client.
Some hats are made for performers of all kinds and are mean to look bold on stage.
Others are for weddings where the groom wants to perfectly express himself and to look like himself in the pictures that he will look at over a life time.
Grey Tweed FedoraThe burgundy hat in the images is a wool felt 1910 style fedora with a brim that rolls slightly upward.
It is decorated with a silk hatband, pheasant feathers, and vintage Czech glass beads in the shape of berries.
The green hat is made from 100% rabbit fur felt with a very hard snap brim that descends almost to eye level in the front and snaps straight up in the back.
Camel Hair FedoraThis hat is trimmed with iridescent silk, pheasant feathers, and small iridescent wings taken from Asian dung beetles (a traditional Victorian trimming).
Both of these hats were stretched over the same block.  One that we individually hand-carved for the project.  This gave us the shape of the crown, but the differing brims make for different looks.
Handmade hats like this are very very soft and flexible versus machine pressed hats that are stamped out at high pressure.
The black cowboy hat is a vintage piece that I reblocked and stretched into a new shape, and also retrimmed.
I wanted a very dramatic twist on the sides of the brim (almost like a fighter jet or paper airplane) and to have the front of the brim come down at an angle.
Felt hats eventually get worn and out of shape (but is does take awhile!).  The wonderful thing about fine felts is that they can always be redone.  Genuine felt hats should never be thrown away (especially if they are made from fur!); they can always be restored or turned into a new hat.Pinstripe Hat and Vest
The brown tweed hat is made from camel hair and is a completely handsewn buckram and wire frame hat.
This is a tall crown 1930s style fedora that is trimmed in plaid cotton flannel for a highly sporty look.
The grey tweed hat is another buckram and wire hat that is covered in grey wool twill.
Silk TophatThe black pinstripe hat is a mass produced hat that a customer brought in that he was planning on wearing for his wedding.  We retrimmed the hat with a paisley hat band in iridescent crimson and made a peak lapel vest to match it.
Finally, we love top hats as well.  We can make traditional looking top hats or bold Wellington styes that look straight out of a comic book.Silk Grosgrain Wellington
The gold and purple hat is made from silk duppioni and has an evil Victorian ringmaster look to it, while the tall black hat is made from 100 percent silk grosgrain.
So whether you are a performer in need of a hat for a role or looking for a hat to wear when you are out on the town, we can help.
Contact us ( and we can talk more and sketch you some ideas.

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The Victorian era was an age of excitement, experimentation, science, and progress.
Everything seemed possible and imminent.  
The material world was like a door about to be unlocked.  The mind was a mystery that science could pry into.
We love to make steampunk clothing because it represents this moment and uncovers the analogies between the Victorians and today’s world.
The Victorians were simultaneously more certain than we are today and less certain.  
They believed that they were on a road to infinite progress and change, but were only just at the beginning of the path.
Today’s DIY and geek culture feeds off of a similar spirit.
We are all engineers hacking the material world, unlocking the potential of atoms through the power of bits.
Lianna and I are so much on the side of techne—on the side of a knowledge that allows us to do and to make.

Photos by

Our process of production and design combines computer CAD work for a completely custom fit, individual fabrics we design and print using advanced inks, and computerized machinery for cutting vinyl, with all of the traditional arts of tailoring and dressmaking that require nothing but a needle and a thread.Steampunk Clothing
Our muslin fitting process for the suits is again a combination of the old and the new.
We mail our customers traditional cotton mock-ups of the suit to try on before making the final pieces.
back belt victorian pantThe customers send us back digital photos of themselves trying the pieces on, and we feed this information back into the computer to change and manipulate the pattern until it is exactly right.
frock coat backThe pictures show many of the styles that we have made or are making for steampunk weddings along with some wonderful pictures of the weddings themselves.Chocolate Brown Frock Coat
The black suit with the red cravat shows what we call the “Steampunk Anime Suit”.

Brown Victorian Tux

This suit is made from a wool gabardine with satin face lapels.
The style looks and feels Victorian, but the details are completely modern.
The brown suit with red pinstripes and red satin face lapels, shows a Victorian style vest and pant, but with numerous Western style details and snaps.
The brown suit with a sage green piping shows a morning frock that cuts away into tails.

Photos by

It has peak lapels, a pant with a back belt (which can be adjustable or decorative) and a handmade top hat to match.

Photo By

The awesome wedding photos show two weddings where the grooms wore wool tailcoats and silk vests, a wedding with a double-breasted Prince Albert frock made from silk noil and velveteen pants (for a Victorian-era meets 1960s look) and an outfit with a black wool double-breasted vest with pearlized leather pocket welts.
The sketches show a bride and groom ensemble that we have in the works for this summer.

University Coats

It has a leather corset on the bride and matching leather tuxedo stripes on the groom’s pant, and also a set of concepts for modern looking university coats.
Contact AJ ( to talk more about ideas for your wedding.

Be sure to check out the photographer’s websites for more photos.  Lynn Terry did the photos for the  wedding with the black vest and gold welts. Terry Martin the wedding with the skipping groom.

Josh Gruetzmacher the San Francisco wedding with the white slik frock.  And Mark Brooke, the groom with the tails and peacock lapels.