Cashmere GreatcoatWe make some of the best coats in the world.  What is more every coat is custom made.

Black Mens Coat

We can make a coat with the exact style of pockets, style of lapels, length, and fit that you desire.
The pictures show some of our favorite recent coats.
The featured coat is a black cashmere greatcoat that is double-breasted with wide lapels, a broad collar that flips up, a pleat in the upper back and three pleats on the skirt.  
The coat weighs a full 5lbs and has a plush luxurious hand and slight sheen.
One of the back pictures catches the coat blowing out in the wind (which is a magnificent look).  
We can make hundreds of variations on this coat, changing the pockets, the back details, the fabric, length, stitching, or can design something totally from scratch.
The second coat featured is an inverness coat cut from a medium grey donegal tweed.
This caped coat is a modern take on the traditional inverness with relatively slim panels, wide sleeves, and a drop shoulder.

Inverness Coat

The cape is also detachable for those times when you don’t want to carry the extra weight.
The third coat pictured is a plaid hunting jacket.Inverness Coat
This jacket was made for a customer who loved vintage 1930s style shirt jackets, but wanted something with a slimmer fit, a concealed zipper and storm flap, and a full satin lining.  Plaid Hunting Jacket
Every part of this jacket has a double layer of wool coating.  The upper body has the cape.  The lower front is made a double layer with wool pocket bags, and the back again has a full wool underlayer that forms a long pocket.
Plaid Flannel JacketThe left breast pocket is separated into compartments for shotgun shells (or pens, tire gauges, nail sets, etc).
The result is a vintage look jacket that is completely and utterly warm and insulated and has a luxurious feel to it.
Different types of fabrics are perfect for different coats and three of the most common types of coating fabrics are tweed, melton, and flannel.
Tweed is made from relatively unfinished wool yarn and has a slightly fuzzy appearance–the grey coat above is a birdseye tweed.
Flannel has a soft brushed appearance and is what the plaid hunting jacket is made from.  Melton is a deeply felted coating fabric, that is heavier, denser, and more water resistant than tweeds and flannels.  This is what the black coat is made from.
So when you write us to have us start working on the perfect coat, tell us everything that you can think of about your climate, the types of pockets you like, how often you will wear the coat, and your sense of style and we will get together the best fabrics and design something just for you.
Contact AJ to get started now (

Motorcycle Jacket

A leather jacket is always an investment.
You want skins that will wear beautifully for years, aging, weathering, and gaining in character.
This means using full grain whole skins as a starting point.
Many cheaper jackets are made from split and bonded leathers or leather with the grain stamped onto it.
Here are a few pictures of recent jackets.  The golden orange jacket is make from a full grain bull hide.  
It is perhaps 2 to 3 times as heavy as your average jacket, but this makes for an ultra durable jacket that is appropriate for motorcycling.Hair Calf Jacket
The jacket is trimmed with shearling at the collar and bottom band.
Note the placement of the pattern pieces on the skin with spine of the bull running right up the back of the jacket, and the collar piece cut from the flank for maximal texture and flexibility.  The jacket is lined in a durable cotton shirting.
The second jacket shown here is cut from full grain lambskin and hair calf.
The customer who ordered the jacket is an engineer who had very specific specifications for the look and designed the jacket with the unique half moon cutaways on the under arm, back gussets, and double zippers.
The black leather fencing vest in the third set of pictures has textured solid metal buttons.  The vest is backed in a heavy cotton twill.  This piece is also cut from heavy motorcycle weight leather for maximum protection.
All of our pieces can be fit with cotton muslins.
For this process, we make a rough draft of the pattern and cut and sew it in cotton before making the final piece.
For non-local customers, we send this to you first to try on.
You can send us your feedback on the style and fit along with digital pictures that will allow us to fine tune the final pattern before we even touch the leather.Leather Fencing Vest
We are a Denver-based fashion company that specializes in complex custom work.
Please contact A.J. directly ( to discuss your own ideas for the ultimate leather piece.
Chocolate Brown Frock Coat

A tropical wool old West style frock coat that we made. Photo by

For weddings, steampunk formal wear, fascinating sportswear and outerwear.

Brown Tropical Wool Morning Coat

A frock coat is traditionally defined as a long jacket with a seam at the waist. The waist seam allows for shaping, giving the piece a highly fitted look versus other types of coats (like a trenchcoat or raglan) and other styles of jacket (like the standard sack suit jacket).
18th century frock coats do not always have a seam at the front waist, and the above definition is more appropriate to later 19th and 20th century clothing.
Custom made linen morning coat

A "One Button" Linen Frock Coat

The two most common types of frock coat are the “morning coat” and the “Prince Albert” frock. The “Prince Albert” is double-breasted, while the morning frock is (with a couple exceptions like the University coat) single-breasted.

Traditionally, the morning coat would have been worn for day time formal events (like weddings and state visits) in place of a tailcoat. For much of the 20th century the morning coat fell out of style and was only worn by conservative dressers (such as Prince Charles and Ronald Reagan), but today with a renewed interest in formal dress (and Victorian and Edwardian fashions), the frock coat has become one of the garments of choice for weddings.

Custom brocade frock coat

A Double-Breasted Frock Overcoat

raincoat frock coat

A Double-Breasted Rainwear Frock

Morning coats can cut away in front to a greater or lesser degree. The grey linen coat picture is what is called a “One Button Frock”. Although the coat has several buttons, only one button (the top button) is meant to be closed. This look is great for revealing a special vest.

The other styles of frock coat that we make are variations on the double-breasted frock overcoat. Overcoat frocks are made without shoulder pads and generally with less structure so that they can be worn over a suit jacket. The rainwear frock shown is a unique take on the frock overcoat and can be worn for everyday casual or business dress.

Modern look 18th Cen. style frocks that we made. Featured in Denver Magazine. Photo by amazing Denver Photographer Annabelle Reboli (

Every piece we make is custom and there are hundreds of different variations that we can make. So just contact us ( so that we can discuss the options.

For customers who want a completely custom tailored fit, we offer our muslin fitting service via long distance. For this process we make a mock-up of the coat to send to you before cutting the actual fabrics. You can then take pictures of yourself wearing the mock-up and we will adjust the pattern to get exactly the right fit and style.