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Hawaiian Shirts–Custom Made

For someone who makes custom suits for a living, I am a fairly casual guy. When I wear a blazer or suit, it is usually because I have been asked out to dinner, have important business, or it is a special occasion. But I did make the decision some years back to throw away all […]


The Formal Shirt

This is a sketch of a shirt that we made for a customer for his wedding, along with some pics of the finished shirt. You won’t find anything like this at Macy’s! The problem with dress shirts today is that they are fitted merely by the measurements of the shoulder/sleeve and neck. And, in many […]


Custom Shirt

These are a few of our shirts, made for a customer, that display the difference that comes from having bespoke clothing. These shirts combine a set of details that would be impossible to find in a store bought shirt.[imagebrowser id=2] French cuffs, a French placket. Pockets that are close to invisible as they are perfectly […]

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