This is a suit that we made for a customer over the summer. It has a really trendy Brooklyn feel to it with only one button on the jacket.Trendy Suit Sketch

Of course, one must not button the bottom button on almost any style of jacket and so making a jacket with only one button doesn’t necessarily change the style in any way. But actually omitting the second button is daring, albeit in an ultra-minimal, technical sorta way.
If you look at the sketch I made for the jacket, you can see that I originally had two buttons in mind. But the single-button style really makes the flat, thin, elongated lapels stand out.Pocket Detail
As this suit was made for a vegan customer, no animal products were used.
Actually, a more difficult task than it sounds, as every last part of an expensive suit, from buttons (horn or shell) to lining (silk), fabric (wool) and canvas interfacing (goat or horse) is often animal derived. Here the fabric is a rayon (derived from cellulose) herringbone and the lining an amazing iridescent cotton/poly.
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